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Current Solicitations
Sound/AV systems at Newberry High & MC High RFP Download
Sound/AV systems at Newberry High & MC High RFP Bid Information Download
Used Forklift OPS-FM FY 2014-006 Download
Records Imaging Services RFP FIN 01-14 Download
Filters OPS FM FY 2015-001 Download
Walk-In Cooler/Freezer OPS CN-2014-01 Download

Expired 2013-14 school year
Wireless Access Point 2013-04 Download
Wireless Access Point 2013-04 Addendum 1 Download
Kitchen Roof Repair RFP OPS FM 2013-005 Download
Tech 2013-05 Cabling, Wireless Access Points and IP cameras at New DO Download
Tech 2013-05 Addendum 1 Download
Tech 2013-05 Addendum 2 Download
Tech 2013-05 Addendum 3 Download
IP camera RFP 2013-006 Download
IP camera RFP 2013-006 Addendum 1 Download

Expired RFP 2012-2013
Filters RFP OPS FM 2012-001 Download
Reuben Canopy RFP OPS-FM 2012-002 Download
Career Center Model 1440TE Lathe Download
Career Center Model LCM 50 Milling Machine Download
MCMS laptop RFP.pdf Download
AXIS replacement cameras- TECH 2013-002.pdf Download
Q&A Axis camera.pdf Download
Child Nutrition food products ITB 2013.pdf Download
RFP-Automated Substitute Placement and Absence Management System.pdf Download
50 computers/monitors TECH 2013-003 Download
Newberry Elementary School Painting OPS FM 2013-002 Download
Newberry High School Painting OPS FM 2013-001 Download
Addendum One OPS FM 2013-001 & OPS FM 2013-002 Download
Access Control System RFP OPS FM 2013-003 Download
Access Control System Addendum 1 Download
Refuse Collection OPS FM 2013-004 Download
Addendum #1: OPS FM 2013-004 Download

Intent to Award
District Office Intent to Award 2013 Download
NCSD 2013-001 Internal Network Services Intent to Award Download
NCSD 2013-002 Wireless Overlay Intent to Award Download
Tech 2013-002 Axis Camera replacement Download
OPS FM 2013-001 Newberry High School Painting Download
OPS FM 2013-002 Newberry Elem. School Painting and Alternate #1 Download
Access Control System RFP OPS FM 23013-003 Download
Mid-Carolina Middle School Ceiling/Lighting Replacement (Base Bid Award Only) Download
Refuse Collection & Disposal RFP OPS FM 2013-004 Download
Wireless Tech 2013-04 Download
Kitchen Roof Replacement Whitmire HS OPS FM 2013-005 Download
TECH 2013-05 Cabling, Wireless Access Points and IP cameras at New District Office Download
IP camera Tech RFP 2013-006 Download
SDNC-2014-002 Server Equipment Download
SDNC-2014-003 Wireless LAN Download
OPS-FM FY 2014-006 Used Forklift Download
Career Center - Phase II Intent to Award Download
Intent to Award OPS-2014-01 Integrated Audio-Video Systems Equipment Download