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Computer Literacy Lessons and Interactive Activities for Grades K-6 by Macmillan McGraw-Hill

 Fun with Primary Keyboarding (1)   Egonomics  

 Posture and Technique Online Quiz  

 Fun with Primary Keyboarding (2)   Parts of a Letter and Memorandum Activity    Technique and Ergonomics Online Quiz  
Alphabet Bee (Learning to control the mouse.)   Parts of Letters and Memos     Parts of the Computer Online Quiz  

Bees and Honey (Mouse Skills)   

Mousing Around Keyboarding Online Pretest   
Mousercise (Mouse SKills)  Learn the Keys

 Proofreading Online Quiz 

Keyboarding for Kindergarten Computer Alphabet Lesson Plan Using PowerPoint  

 Parts and Formatting Personal-Business Letters Online Quiz  

Keyboard Recognition with Elmo  Paratrooper Sheep

 Color Words Interactive Activity  (Students type the word that they see.)   

 Computer Terms for the Novice  Alphabetic Rain Typing Game  Number Words Interactive Activity  (Students type the word that they see.) 

 Basic Keyboarding
 Online Typing Practice Sessions

Six Minute Video on Proper Keyboarding Technique and Ergonomics

Dance Mat Typing

 Balloon Game

Power Typing
Quick Typing Practice Keyboard Climber
Technology Assessment
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