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Document Uploads

Folder ADEPT Forms (48 Files)
pdf file ADEPT Evaluation Timeline 2012-2013
pdf file ADEPT Evaluation Timeline 2013-14
pdf file ADEPT Evaluation Timeline 2014-15
pdf file GBE Form
pdf file Guidance Consultation Summary
pdf file Guidance Evaluation Summary
pdf file Guidance Evidence Documentation
pdf file Guidance Guidelines
pdf file Guidance Interview Form
pdf file Guidance Long Range Planning Form
pdf file Guidance Self Report
pdf file Induction Conference Feedback Form
pdf file Induction Contact Log
pdf file Induction Guidance Observation Data Collection Form
pdf file Induction LMS Observation Data Collection Form 4-1-09
pdf file Induction LMS Successful Completion Form 4-1-09
pdf file Induction Mentor Observation Record
pdf file Induction Speech Observation Data Collection Form 4-1-09
pdf file LMS Evaluation Summary
pdf file LMS Evidence Documentation
pdf file LMS Guidelines
pdf file LMS Interview Form
pdf file LMS Professional Performance Description
pdf file LMS Professional Self Report
pdf file LMS Reflection
pdf file PGD APS 1
pdf file PGD APS 10
pdf file PGD APS 2
pdf file PGD APS 3
pdf file PGD APS 4
pdf file PGD APS 5
pdf file PGD APS 6
pdf file PGD APS 7
pdf file PGD APS 8
pdf file PGD APS 9
pdf file PGD Cover Sheet
pdf file PGD Orientation
pdf file PGD Other Goal
pdf file R&D GBE Template
pdf file SAFE-T Guidelines
pdf file SAFE-T-ET1
pdf file SAFE-T-ET2
pdf file SAFE-T-ET3
pdf file SAFE-T-ET4
pdf file SAFE-T-TT1
pdf file SAFE-T-TT2
pdf file SAFE-T-TT3
pdf file SAFE-T-TT4
Folder Athletics (1 Files)
pdf file Home School and Charter School Residents.pdf
Folder Health Education (1 Files)
pdf file Newberry County Health Resources
Folder Parents` Guide to K-2 Standards Based Report Cards (1 Files)
pdf file Family Friendly Standards
Folder Professional Development (2 Files)
pdf file August 16-17, 2012
pdf file October 5, 2012
Folder Program of Studies (8 Files)
pdf file 2012-2013 Program of Studies
pdf file 2013-2014 Curriculum Framework
pdf file 2013-2014 Program of Studies
pdf file 2015-2016 Program of Studies
pdf file Program of Studies 2016-2017
pdf file Program of Studies- 2014-2015
jpg file Program of Studies- 2014-2015- Back Cover
jpg file Program of Studies- 2014-2015- Front Cover
Folder Strategic Plan (2 Files)
pdf file 2012 Strategic Plan
pdf file 2014 Strategic Plan
Folder Title I (1 Files)
pdf file Title I Brochure
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The School District of Newberry County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability in admission to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be made to the Title IX Coordinator, Pamela Arrington, Chief Human Resource Officer, PO Box 718, Newberry, SC 29108, 803-321-2600.
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