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Name & Position Contact Info
Dr. Lynn  Cary
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20120
Email Dr. Cary
Mrs. Kelly  Ringer
Administrative Assistant for Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20119
Email Mrs. Ringer
Ms. Katrina  Lakita Singletary
Director of Secondary Education
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20121
Email Ms. Singletary
Dr. Beth  Brooks
Director of Elementary Education
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20118
Email Dr. Brooks
Mrs. Jan  Redden
Administrative Assistant for Elementary and Secondary Education
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20135
Email Mrs. Redden
Dr. Carson  Ware
Director of Assessment, Accountability and Professional Development
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20109
Email Dr. Ware
Ms. Marvis  Floyd
Administrative Assistant for Director of Assessment, Accountability and Professional Development
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20132
Email Ms. Floyd
Wendy  Stoudemire
Director of Special Services
(803) 321-2600  Ext:20117
Email Wendy Stoudemire
Mrs. Tricia  Ulch, RN
School Nurse Coordinator
(803) 321-2600  Ext:14035
Email Mrs. Ulch, RN
Mrs. Wendy  Long
Administrative Assistant for School Nurse Coordinator
(803) 321-2600  Ext:16008
Email Mrs. Long
Mrs. Emily  Crump-Saddler
Parenting and Family Literacy
(803) 321-2600  Ext:70108
Email Mrs. Crump-Saddler
Julia  Easterlin
Work Based Learning Coordinator
(803) 321-2600  Ext:70005
Email Julia Easterlin
Mauricio  Nunez
Parent Involvement Facilitator
(803) 321-2600  Ext:18307
Email Mauricio Nunez
Mrs. Lori  Ricard
District Math Specialist K-12
(803) 321-2600  Ext:80501
Email Mrs. Ricard
Kaye  Jamison
District ELA Specialist
(803) 321-2600  Ext:18299
Email Kaye Jamison
P.O. Box 718 | 3419 Main St. | Newberry, SC 29108 | PH: 803.321.2600 | Fx: 803.321.2604

The School District of Newberry County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability in admission to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be made to the Title IX Coordinator, Pamela Arrington, Chief Human Resource Officer, or Wendy Stoudemire, Director of Special Services at PO Box 718, Newberry, SC 29108, 803-321-2600.


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