Newberry Family Literacy

2021-2022 Staff Toolkit

Newberry Family Literacy


Family Literacy Program - Mrs. Emily Saddler, Coordinator

  • The Family Literacy Program is open to anyone aged 17 and older who wishes to attend Newberry Adult Education classes and who has a child (ages birth-8 years old). Onsite child care and early education is available for children ages 3 and 4. Childcare is available for other ages for eligible students.

  • The Family Literacy Program is comprised of four components: Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Parenting, and Parent & Child Together Time.

  • Educational childcare is available for parents who are participating in Newberry Adult Education.

  • The educational child care is free; however, parents must participate in Parenting classes, Parent & Child Together Time and Home Visits.

  • Parenting classes are available to help educate and support mothers and fathers in their parenting roles.

  • Parent & Child Together Time is offered weekly with instructional activities encouraging the parent to become the child’s first teacher.

For more information, contact Mrs. Emily Saddler, Family Literacy Coordinator, at 803-321-2674.