Pre-registration for our third session is open now. Classes will begin on Tuesday, January 5, 2020. Once we review your pre-registration application you will receive an email from our office with links to complete the student commitment and official registration forms.

Requirements for enrollment include:

  • Full Payment of Registration Fee       GED Students-$30       Diploma Classes  $30 per credit     $15 per 1/2 credit
  • Completion of Registration Forms (Pre-Registration Form, Student Commitment Form, Official Registration)
  • Completion of Pre-TABE Tests and GED Ready Tests
  • Completion of WIN Assessment (Career Readiness Assessment)
  • Attend Orientation/Intake Session  (Virtual or Face-to-Face)
  • Attend career, computer, and writing instruction classes if assigned.
  • GED Students: Devote at least 12 hours or more a week to Adult Education coursework.
  • Diploma Students: Devote at least 12 hours or more to high school diploma coursework.

We are proud to provide educational services to students seeking GED, ESL, high school diploma, and career readiness classes. Professional staff members are dedicated and committed to providing individualized instruction to meet the educational needs of all student enrolling in our program.

Please call our office for more detailed information regarding our program and the services we provide.

709 Kendall Road Newberry, SC 29108

Roberta Kinard, Director 803-321-2112 (Office)