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As part of the state and Federal requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 04) to locate and identify children ages 3 – 21, the school district operates the Preschool Screening Clinic. The clinic will conduct screening of children from at least age 2½ or older whom you suspect has a delay or difficulty in any of the following areas:

  • Cognitive - can not understand what adults mean; difficulty in naming body parts; difficulty in understanding what happens in a story read or told; difficulty in naming common objects.

  • Socialization – by age 3, does not imitate adults doing household chores; by age 3, does not enjoy playing alone for a period of time; by age does not enjoy playing alone for a period of time; by age 4, does not participate in group play.

  • Communication/Speech/Language – does not speak in at least 2-3 word sentences by age 4; cannot follow one and two step directions; by age 4, cannot answer yes/no questions or “what?” questions; by age 3, people unfamiliar with your child cannot understand at least 70% of what your child says.

  • Motor – cannot walk by age 2; cannot go up and down steps by age 3; does not scribble with pencil or crayon.

  • Self-help – does not drink independently from a cup; does not help with dressing; does not appear upset when wearing soiled diaper or clothes.

  • Vision

  • Hearing

Following the screenings, the district personnel who complete the screenings may recommend that you meet with the group to determine whether or not the committee (of which you are an important member!) will recommend additional evaluation.

If your child meets the criteria for entry into a special program, to address all areas of concern, the district will provide the opportunity for your child to receive services in one of our Developmentally Delayed programs.

Developmentally Delayed children may also receive an evaluation to determine whether or not they have a need for one or more of the following related services:

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Vision Services

  • Hearing Services

For more information regarding the Preschool Screening Clinic contact:

Wendy Stoudemire, Director

Office of Special Services

School District of Newberry County

Post Office Box 718

Newberry, South Carolina 29108


To make an appointment at the Preschool Screening Clinic please contact Office of Special Services at 803.321.2611