GED Preparation:

These classes are designed to prepare students to pass all four of the Official GED tests:

1)Reasoning through Language Arts;


3)Science; and

4)Social Studies.

An individualized study guide is developed for each student after an initial assessment for academic skills that a student needs to improve in order to pass the Official GED.

High School Diploma:

This class is for adults who have completed at least three years of preparation for a state high school diploma and want to earn the remaining credits.

English as a Second Language:

This class is for adults for whom English is not their primary language and who lack proficiency in the English language and want to become an American citizen.

WIN or WorkKeys:

This class is for adults seeking a job - or a better job - but need knowledge of the basic workplace skills to be employed.


This class is for adults needing to pass the ParaPro test in order to qualify to become a teacher aide for the School District of Newberry County.