Whitmire Community School Guidance Department!

The guidance program is designed to help all students acquire the skills necessary to be responsible, productive and successful members of society. This is accomplished through a wide range of preventative, educational, and responsive services. Counselors are student advocates whose purpose is to help all children achieve optimal growth in their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development; gain the maximum from their educational experience; and be prepared to meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world.

The guidance program guarantees student access to the counselor. Students may see the school counselor through self-referral, parental referral, teacher referral, or administrative referral. School counselors adhere to the American Counselor Association’s Code of Ethics and the South Carolina State Department of Education’s guidelines in protecting the confidentiality of students.

At the secondary level, the counselor assists with career exploration, the college application process, completing the electronic Individual Growth Plan (eIGP), the financial aid process, as well as conflict resolution and solving personal conflicts. At the elementary level, classroom guidance lessons focus on such topics as understanding feelings, peer relations, conflict management, understanding individual strength/abilities and career education. Small group counseling activities are designed to help students develop coping skills to deal with difficult life events, increase problem-solving abilities and to develop confidence in decision-making.

Please contact your child’s school counselor if you want to discuss any issues concerning your child.

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