The Newberry Observer published an article recognizing the following 2018-2019 retirees: Peggy Childress, Tammy Hester, Nancy Satcher, Pamela Arrington, Sandra Garner, Margaret “Bootsey” Bryant, Cindy Roy, Emmett “Sully” Sullivan, Fred Lazzaro,Timothy Lyden, Katherina Lyden, Pamela Bickley, Cynthia Hamm, Leah Bush, Kim Miles, Cindy Bartley and Jewell Kinard.

"The School District of Newberry County said farewell to 17 district employees during their annual Retirement Dinner.

Superintendent Jim Suber thanked the spouses, parents and families who have supported the District and the retirees throughout their entire career of serving the youth of Newberry County.

'Regardless of the role that these staff members have played in the School District, they have unselfishly given up their time and their support for the students and staff of Newberry County,” he said. “Many times they’ve spent time away from school to spend time with other children or events that are happening with their school. They spend much of their career with somebody else’s children than they do their own and that’s what we do in public education.'

These employees, Suber said, have dedicated their lives to a career of serving.

'You have served the young people of Newberry County with an abundance of love, care, and a driving passion to have a positive and lasting impact on each student and staff member you have come in contact with. I thank you and may you be rich and blessed in all of your future endeavors,' he said.

Whether a cafeteria worker, teacher or nurse, Board Chairman Jody Hamm gave a heartfelt thank you to this year’s retirees.

'I had someone ask me the other day if I remembered all of my teachers and I said, no, I don’t remember them all, but I can at least tell you one from each year that really meant a lot to me,’ Hamm said. 'Take that home during retirement and remember all of those children, thousands of children you’ve impacted.'

While Hamm said it is a terrible loss seeing the retirees go, the District is happy to have had them.

'We ask for your continued prayers and support for our District and if you need time to get back into it, call us and we’ll put you back to work,' he said."

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