Dedication of new little library on Kendall Road

NEWBERRY COUNTY --  Local community leaders and educators were on hand Friday morning to dedicate a new little free library located in front of the School District of Newberry’s Kendall Road complex (709 Kendall Road).

At the dedication, Mayor Pro Tempore Lemont Glasgow read the following proclamation from The City of Newberry:

“WHEREAS, the goal of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is to work collaboratively in every state to raise public awareness, strengthen alliances, leverage resources, and increase the number of people who understand the vital role adult education and family literacy programs play in our nation’s well-being; and

“WHEREAS, adult education and family literacy supports jobs and benefits the economy with business productivity, and decreased public assistance. It drives economic mobility for adults and economic recovery for the United States; and

“WHEREAS, the adult education program in Newberry County assists individuals in obtaining credentials needed for success. These credentials lead to postsecondary education, sustainable employment, and economic self-sufficiency; and

“WHEREAS, the family literacy program in Newberry County provides parent-focused activities and high quality early childhood care educational services. A mother’s reading skill is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic success outweighing other factors such as neighborhood and family income; and

“WHEREAS, through a network of partnerships, Newberry Adult Education and Newberry Family Literacy programs have provided adult education and family literacy services to more than 250 individuals and families in Newberry County since July 2020.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, Foster Senn, Mayor of the City of Newberry, and Lemont Glasgow, Mayor Pro Tempore of the City of Newberry, do hereby proclaim the week of September 19-25, 2021, as: “Adult Education and Family Literacy Week” and encourage all citizens to learn about the valuable resources available to them to improve literacy from Newberry Adult Education and Newberry Family Literacy programs in Newberry County.

“Done this 20th day of September 2021”

“Reading is the gateway to the world but more importantly literacy and language development is the foundation of all other learning. It opens up the entire world and the possibilities to bring success to everyone. We are very proud to present the little free library,” said Sarah Eargle, director of Newberry County First Steps Literacy.

Jesse Reeder, school board member, also expressed her gratitude that a little library was placed in her neighborhood.

“I am so thankful that you all thought enough to put a library in our neighborhood so children can get a book and read. My momma always said that reading is the door to education. If our children can’t read, they can’t survive” she said.

Superintendent Alvin Pressley also spoke on the importance of a strong literacy foundation in the community.

“When I got the invite, I said this is something that I have to attend. Literacy is the foundation of everything we do. We know that early start in literacy will lead to very successful kids,” he said.

“We are so thankful to provide the libraries for the community for adults and children in the community. This is a collaborative effort with First Steps and Family Literacy. We are honored to be able to provide this service,” said Roberta Kinard, director of Newberry Adult Education.

The library is located near the exit driveway of the Kendall Road complex, outside the fence, so it is accessible to the community. In addition to books for all ages, there are also face covering masks being stocked in the library, with the possibility of eventually adding more personal care items in the future.

Dedication of new little library on Kendall Road | Newberry Observer