Mary Catherine Garner

Mary Catherine Garner

Pomaria-Garmany Elementary

Hometown: Chapin

High School: Dutch Fork

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Not only do I love working with kids on a daily basis, but everyday is different.  There are so many little personalities that come through the door and you never really know how your day is going to be.  I also love the fact that  I am a part of each child's life to help shape them to be  hopefully strong, independent, and determined adults later on in life.  To know that I was a little part of that, is so rewarding.

Favorite Topic to Teach: I love dressing up, decorating my classroom, and the hallways when possible.  In December, we read different types of Gingerbread stories and compare and contrast them.  Last year, we decorated the entire hallway with gingerbread houses along the walls.  When we saw the students' faces as they lit up every time they walked down our hallway into our classrooms, it just made us so happy.  When children start their day on a  happier note, they are more willing to learn, listen, and love the environment that they are in.  We  want them  to feel comfortable to be themselves within their learning environment. 

Advice for Students: A piece of advice that I like to give my students is that we need to make everyday a great day.  It is up to us to determine how our day is going to be and if we have a little bit of fun while learning....then that just makes  it an even  better day!

Favorite Book: “The Testament” by John Grisham