R. Bowers

Renita Bowers

Prosperity-Rikard Elementary

Hometown: Prosperity

High School: Mid-Carolina High

Favorite Aspect of Teaching in Newberry: Teachers and administrators in Newberry County put students first and encourage smaller class sizes when possible, therefore giving students the one-on-one attention they need and deserve.  We are constantly tracking student progress and making the changes needed to improve student success.  

Favorite Topic to Teach: The ability to read will impact a person's life forever.  The part that I played in beginning that process fulfills me as a teacher.  Authentic reading and writing motivates children to explore the joy that reading can bring.  Finding the right kind of books can add great pleasure to a student's life.   I love to teach the strategies and skills to create lifelong readers.  I absolutely love the look on my first graders' faces when things "Click", when the reading process starts to fall into place for them!    

Most Rewarding Aspect of Teaching: Creating lasting memories that I will cherish forever!  Every year, I look forward to August because I get to meet my new students.  I get to begin helping each of them reach their potential.  I am always grateful for the memories that we give each other. 

Favorite Book: 'Salt in His Shoes' by Deloris Jordan with Roslyn M. Jordan