L. Kibler

Lorrie Kibler

Mid-Carolina High School

High School: Emma Willard High School (Troy, NY)

Favorite Aspect of Teaching in Newberry: My school is like a family; we all support each other. Administration is there to support us and help us do our jobs to our best ability. I don't want to retire because I would miss my "family" too much!

Favorite Topic to Teach: I love teaching Algebra because most people come to math class expecting the worst. I love having students change their attitude and saying, "I actually like math and can do this!" I have taught every grade level from preschool to college and I have loved every grade. I had amazing teachers and I want to share my knowledge with others and help them grow into amazing citizens/teachers.

Advice for Students: I try to share that they have to live for themselves. They need to be thinking about their future and compare themselves only to themselves. What they do in the future should make them happy, not anyone else. They should set goals and strive to reach them, but know when the goal needs to be changed.

Favorite Book: Pretense by Lori Wick