Cooper Teacher of the Year

Asia Cooper

Newberry Alternative School

Hometown: Hartsville

High School: Hartsville Senior High

Most Rewarding Aspect of Teaching: The most rewarding part about teaching is seeing students follow their dreams and achieve success after high school.  I love seeing their new careers and their “new” families that they create.  When you get messages from former students about life updates and they care enough to share it with you, it warms your heart!

Favorite Lesson to Teach: My favorite “lesson” to teach students is that it’s okay to make mistakes.  We all make mistakes on a test, in class, in life, etc.  That just means that you are trying.  Once you stop trying, then that is when you have a problem. 

Advice for Students: DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY (within reason)! I’ve had to add that last part over the years. You only have one life, and time goes by quickly. Make sure you have a job you like, hobbies that make you smile, and people that love you as much as you love them. These things create memories and moments that make the bad days worth it. 

Favorite Book: “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald