Hart Teacher of the Year

Caitlin Hart

District Teacher of the Year

Newberry High School

Hometown: Harrisonburg, Va.

High School: Turner Ashby High School (Bridgewater, Va.)

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: My favorite thing about working in education is getting to work with the students each and every day.  I enjoy getting to have real life conversations with them and encouraging them about daily life.  I enjoy being able to see when students understand things that may have been frustrating them.  Seeing the students accomplish success in various avenues of their educational pathway has been a real source of joy.

Favorite Topic to Teach: I love teaching anything to which I can connect my athletic training background. For example, I really enjoy teaching CPR and first aide during health units.

Most Rewarding Aspect of Teaching: Over the past few years, I have really enjoyed seeing previous students return back to their alma mater and sharing their success stories about what they are doing currently.  I love hearing them give advice back to the younger generations in my classes about things they want to share to help them continue to be successful. 

Favorite Book: “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson